The papers of the historical section of the “Institut Grand-Ducal” now available in APE

Our Content Provider the Archives nationales de Luxembourg has ingested in APE the manuscript collection of the historical section of the Institut Grand-Ducal, which aims to preseve the historical heritage of Luxembourg and since 1845 has published archive inventories, researches, and proceedings from conferences and other events dedicated to the Luxembourg heritage. The library of the “section historique” includes more than 60000 volumes, preserved at the National Library; the collection also includes important archaeological objects, which are held by the National Museum.

The  very vast collection is now available on APE, inlcuding many digital objects, at this link:


Handschrift mit Noten zu barocken Musikstücken (1643), Notes on baroque music, available at
Dictionnaire alphabétique des auteurs anciens et modernes (1770), dictionary of ancient and contemporary authors, available at

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