New A/V collection from France

A new interesting audiovisual collection has become available in Archives Portal Europe, thanks to our Content Provider the Archives départementales des Landes: 57 reels from a citizen of Mont-de-Marsan, Raoul Daries, a grocer born in 1899. The reels have now been restored and digitised, and they are largely available for viewing on the archive’s website.

The collection is a very rare documentation of everyday life (but also of fictionalised events) in the Landes, between the 1930s and 1960s – there are no other audiovisual collections to document life in the area in that period.

The catalogues are now available on Archives Portal Europe at this link – just click on “view in original presentation to access the original document!

Fêtes de Saint-Jean-d’Août (the Feast of St Jean of August), 1940s ca. Available at <>

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