Archives Portal Europe in the “Gazette des Archives”

The Gazette des Archives is the trimestral journal of the Association des Archivistes Français (AAF), the national association of French archivists. The new issue of the journal is dedicated to the topic of La Recherche en Ligne, online research, and it reflects on issues such as finding aids, description and standardization, dissemination on the World Wide Web, new tools to provide easy access in a very complex environment. Several articles present the perspectives opened by the evolution of description and indexing practices, standardized or not. The issue was coordinated by Lydiane Gueit-Montchal, director of the Departmental Archives of Indre-et-Loire, and it includes an article by Kerstin Arnold and Marta Musso from APE, as well as one on FranceArchives by our Country Manager for France, Manonmani Restif. For more information and a summary of the articles:

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