Call for Papers: IcarUS Spring Conference 2022

The International Centre for Archival Research (IcarUS) will hold its next Spring conference from May 23rd-25th, on the theme: “Archives privées et archives publiques au XXIe siècle / Private and public archives in the 21st c.”. 

The conference will take place in France, at the conference centre of Campus Condorcet in Paris-Aubervilliers, and is organised by Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (CNRS) with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and the National Archives (Archives Nationales). The conference will study the most innovative and successful initiatives aiming at an integrated approach of private and public records of the past, present and future. It will seek to define means of action towards an optimal consideration of private records and their specificities in relation to public archives.

The deadline to propose a paper is the 25th January 2022, all information at this link:

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