Guide to the sources to study the history of colonisation, from the State Archives in Belgium

Our partner the State Archives in Belgium have published the Guide des sources de l’histoire de la colonisation (19e-20e siècle), the Guide to the sources on the history of colonisation (19th and 20th century).

The work took more than 10 years to complete, and it represents the first complete mapping of the Belgian colonisation of Africa – more than 20km of archival documents held in more than 80 institutions in Belgium. The book provides a complete guide to the documents produced by the local colonial administration, by the kings, by the companies, the missionaries, the universities, the different foundations, the colons, as well as all the African actors – a real GPS to navigate such important and vast heritage.

The guide (in French) can be access for free directly online here, or downloaded as a PdF here

It is also possible to order a paper copy of the guide using this form:

More information can be found directly on the website of the State Archives at this link (in French), and a short explanation of the colonial archival heritage from Belgium is also available here. A video presentation on Youtube is also available:

If you are interested in colonial history, Archives Portal Europe also holds a special collection on decolonisation from French institutions at this link

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