TNA catalogue in Archives Portal Europe

There has been a long-term project within the Cataloguing, Taxonomy and Data Department at the National Archives to export the top three levels of their public catalogue for inclusion within the Archives Portal Europe website.

Their contribution required the data to be exported into a particular flavour of Encoded
Archival Description (EAD) XML, which was a complex task. Last week, their data was published for the first time on the APE website. The newly added content covers information from over 400 Department codes from the archive, and comprises 22,000 records, covering entries down to series level. The records range from the year 1086 to the present day.
As well as the scope and content of the records, they have been able to include other useful information from the catalogue, including the record creator’s history, and the archival (administrative) history, where available. There are also links to their catalogue, Discovery, for the division and series descriptions, and to their authority files for the record creators.
They will be providing regular updates to keep their data current.
To explore their content and the portal, have a look at:

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