International Workshop on Archives and Linked Data

13 September 2021, online

The International Workshop on Archives and Linked Data run in conjunction with the 25th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2021). TPDL 2021 will be an online event and registration will be free of cost.

Cultural Heritage deals with treasures that are expected to survive generations. Many digital initiatives have explored segments of this global asset, with much more to uncover. They tend to be oriented by the organizations that have traditionally curated these valuable objects: libraries, museums, archives.

This workshop takes the perspective of archives, the guardians of immense volumes of information, both historical and current, driven by the need to keep a record of our past processes, achievements, and results. The growing interest in archival records and the availability of technologies that can take large volumes of data and process them is leading archives into the world of linked data. In this vision, the archives’ information is joined with data from other cultural heritage institutions and more informal sources. Later, users can explore archives in rich interfaces where the data are available in their context, with explicit metadata.

The workshop’s goal is to gather researchers and specialists who are engaged in initiatives that cross Archives and the Semantic Web and those planning similar initiatives in cultural heritage organizations. This is a naturally interdisciplinary workshop that aims to stimulate the dialogue between the technical-oriented communities, researchers from the digital humanities, as well as specialists from cultural heritage institutions.

The submission deadline is July 4, 2021.

Read more on the topics of interest and submission procedure:

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