eArchiving Geospatial Digital Records Preservation Conference on 1-2 June

1-2 June, online

CEF Digital of the European Union has a new webinar of the eArchiving series coming up: eArchiving Geospatial Digital Records Preservation Conference – Presenting the latest development and trends in Geospatial records preservation and its reuse. It will take place online, on 1 and 2 June.

The eArchiving core value is that important information should be kept accessible and reusable for years to come, regardless of the system used to store it. By using the components of eArchiving, any organisation is able to set up its own institutional long-term archiving ecosystem or develop standardised workflows for delivering valuable content from line-of-business systems to external archival repositories. These live training webinars will support your eArchiving implementation.

Hosted by the European Commission eArchiving Building Block (including the E-ARK Consortium), the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and Geoarh, this conference is an exciting two-day event bringing together producers of geospatial information, archives, and data repositories, solution providers and researchers. This conferences will highlight the key factors that affect the handling of geospatial data, its preservation and future reuse. They aim to connect the geospatial community from Europe and around the world, offering an opportunity to share everyday challenges, experience and solutions, and to learn from each other.

Register for the conference here: https://ec.europa.eu/cefdigital/wiki/display/CEFDIGITAL/eArchiving+Geospatial+Digital+Records+Preservation+Conference

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