The assassination of Ali Boumendjel – resources from the archives

In the occasion of the 102nd birth anniversary of Ali Boumendjel, our aggregator France Archives has published a guide to the archival collections related to the assassination of Algerian revolutionary Ali Boumedjel (1919-1957), available here

This is a story of healing thanks to history research and archives; tortured and killed by the French army during the independence war, the death of this prominent Algerian independence fighter was passed for suicide for many years, until General Paul Aussaresses admitted his murder in 2000. Following the report by historian Benjamin Stora on Franco-Algerian remembrance, on March 2021 President Macron received four of Ali Boumendjel’s grandchildren to announce the official recognition, on behalf of France, of his assassination.

Archives Portal Europe holds quite an international pool of documents on Ali Boumendjel and his brother Ahmed Boumendjel, an important figure of Algerian politics, with collections from France as well as from Denmark, Switzerland, and the The Netherlands:

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