“From Brest to Singapore”: this Archives de la Vendée inventory will make you want to sail the oceans

Our Content Provider the Archives de la Vendée have just published a new inventory whose interest goes beyond the local area.

From Brest to Singapore describes the itinerary of François Gérard (1918-2001), who served nearly 16 years in the French Navy, including “12 years, 7 months and 22 days at sea”, from March 1937 to January 1953. During that time he made an album: more than 600 black and white photographs, retracing the movements of two large ships of the French fleet (the Georges Leygues and the Richelieu), an International Exhibition in America, two naval battles in Africa, the signing of the Japanese surrender in Singapore, stopovers on four continents and several passages of the equatorial line.
Reading this inventory will make you sail on two oceans (Atlantic and Indian) and will immerse you in the history of the French Navy during the 1939-1945 war.

Read more at FranceArchives: https://francearchives.fr/fr/actualite/293785304

Pictured: François Gérard in 1939.

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