The 200th death anniversary of Napoleon

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoléon Bonaparte, arguably one of the most influential figures of European history; we still live in many ways in the Europe that Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars design!

There is probably not an archive in Europe that does not contain at least a reference to the French general, so we tried to search in the portal with as many spellings as possible; by searching “Nap?l??n* Ναπολέων ნაპოლეონ ბონაპარტი Наполеон” we returned 35447 archival collections, available at this link:

What are we missing?

(please also note: due to a current glitch, in order to access the finding aids you will need to break down the search with the different alphabets – we are working to solve the issue in the new redesign!)

Here are a few pics from our archives – click on the pic to access the Finding Aid:

LUXEMBOURG – a bust of Napoleon

GERMANY – Napoleon, Kaiser der Franzosen

SPAIN – Cuba. “Discurso paralelo entre la antigua y moderna España sobre la guerra declarada a Napoleón Bonaparte” por Juan Manuel Merín Pilar y Manzano

SWITZERLAND – The Napoleonic pears

PORTUGAL – on the return of the noble people who left their houses following Napoleon’s invasion

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