Excel for Archivists online training sessions

4-5 May and 15-16 June, online

Places are still available on the Excel for Archivists online training sessions on 4 and 5 May and 15 and 16 June. Each session starts at 10am, lasts 90 minutes and costs £40. They are organised by the IT Learning Centre of the University of Oxford.
The first session of each pair is Two key techniques for working with text, looking at using filters to view rows meeting specified criteria, and sorting rows, including sorting using multiple criteria. The second is Introduction to using Formulas in Excel, a very gentle introduction aimed primarily at those who have never used functions and formulas before. 
You can attend either session or both, in either order. 

For most of each session they will demonstrate the techniques and there will also be time for participants to try out some of the techniques, and to ask questions.


To check availability, email the Oxford University IT Learning Centre on courses@it.ox.ac.uk

You will then be invited to complete a booking form, available from the course webpage:
Filtering and sorting:  https://skills.it.ox.ac.uk/spreadsheets-archival-lists-and-text
Introduction to formulas:  https://skills.it.ox.ac.uk/spreadsheets-for-archivists-fast-track

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