New Country Managers from Finland, Hungary, and Greece

It is with a mixture of sadness (for those who are leaving) and excitement (for the new friends and their projects) that we are announcing three changes in our Country Managers’ Network:

Tomi Ahoranta from Kansallisarkisto is replacing (ad interim) our friend Markku Mäenpää, who has retired from. the National Archives of Finland;

Dorottya Szabó from Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár, the National Archives of Hungary (NAH), will replace Annamária Szakács, who has served for 7 years both in the APEx project and now in APE. Dorottya is a senior archivist of the Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár. She has a Master’s Degree in History and Literature & Linguistics from the Péter Pázmány Catholic University, and she has worked at the NAH since 2005. She started at the customer service, working at the Info Service and in the research rooms, collecting an important overview of the institution and of the archives’ world in Hungary. In 2009 she moved to the Department of Family Archives and Collections; one of her tasks was to identify, describe, and arrange archival materials as well as creating finding aids. She also participated in collecting private records, collections, and family archives with significant historical value. Amongsts others, she organized a travelling exhibition called “Bővülő történelem” (“Expanding History”), dedicated to various archival materials given as a gift for six different institutions of the NAH, throughout the country. She also participated to the celebrations of the 500-years anniversary of the Reformation with the “Reformáció MNL” project, where she worked both as an archivist, and as a communication specialist. The highlight of this job was to organize and accompany the winner teams of the project’s national competition to Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the cradle of Protestantism. As staff member of the Directorate of International Relations and EU Projects of the NAH, she is now working on EU projects (Europeana Migration 2019, Europeana Sport 2021, European Digital Treasures 2019-2022) and to digitized archival material and databases. She is also part of the NAH’s genealogical project, the “Hetedíziglen MNL” project. Genealogy is one of her hobby; she also speaks English, German, and can read Latin. She lives in Budapest with her husband, son, and a turtle.

Assimina (Mina) Stathopoulou is replacing Katerina Zografou as representative from the Γενικά Αρχεία του Κράτους, the General State Archives of Greece. Mina has a BA from the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology (Ionian University, Corfu) and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the same university. She has been working as an archivist in the General State Archives since 2005 (at the Department of Corfu until 2008, and at the Central Service in Athens since then). She was also part of the APEx project (Working Package 4).

Welcome everyone!

Archives départementales du Cantal, Postcard (detail). Available at <,;

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