EuropeanaTech x AI webinar series

23 April 2021 and subsequently every two Fridays, online

The EuropeanaTech Community and Europeana Foundation have just announced a new webinar series to explore the opportunities and challenges of working with Artificial Intelligence in the cultural heritage and arts sector.

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) help us to enrich and research cultural heritage collections? How can ML models be adapted to the complexities of historical and cultural material it has not been trained for? Which biases can we reveal in historical collections? How can we gain new perspectives by using AI in researching cultural heritage data? This webinar series will discuss these questions with you and present projects and people who are reflecting on these matters.

‘EuropeanaTech x AI’ will take place every two weeks, beginning on 23 April. Each session will introduce a new project or research topic related to AI in the cultural heritage sector. Every webinar will last around 90 minutes and will be held via Zoom. In the concluding session (date to be announced), you will meet with all the speakers in a virtual marketplace to mingle, discuss the projects and exchange ideas.

Read more about dates and topics at Europeana:

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