A couple recovered a copy of their wedding pictures at the Cambridgeshire Council Archives

An American couple, Chris and Lindy Date, lost their home and their belongings (including their wedding album) when fires swept through California in August 2020.
They recently rediscovered their wedding photos in the Cambridgeshire County Council archives, that is an Archives Portal Europe content provider.

The Dates got married in 1963 in Landbeach, nearby Cambridge, and a person from the photographic company Ramsey and Muspratt took pictures at the reception.
After they lost their house last year, Mr Date wondered if the original negatives of the pictures still existed and, after some research, found out that Ramsey and Muspratt had donated their archive of negatives to the Cambridgeshire Collection. He contacted the council’s libraries service and the local studies team, which maintains a large collection of archived material from across the county, found them and was able to give the couple a copy of their pictures back.

Read more on this story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-56401868

Picture: Chris and Lindy Date’s at their wedding reception in Landbeach (courtesy of Cambridgeshire County Council)

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