Two events on Universities historical archives (in Italian)

18 March and 22 April, online

Procedamus and Hyperborea have organised a meeting on the historical archives of Universities. Their call for papers was so successful that they ended up splitting the event in two dates, 18 March and 22 April, so that people can easily follow the more that twenty contributions.

Twenty years ago Arianna was chosen as main software for the project “Studium 2000”, whose goal was to tackle the problems and the common difficulties Universities were having in describing, handling and showcasing their archives.
On 18 March and 22 April they want to push dialogue and sharing of the experiences so far.

Those two days both people who use the software and people interested and willing to ask questions, raise unsolved issues and share experiences and methodologies are welcome.

The events will be in Italian.

You can register and read the full programme here:

Picture: historical archive of the Cagliari University

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