Survey: help us understand your needs

Archives Portal Europe (APE) has teamed up with Europeana to create a survey open to all archival institutions that are currently content providers to APE and/or Europeana, or that are potentially interested in participating. In particular, we wish to explore:

  • The benefits and advantages that institutions with archival holdings find in their collaboration with aggregators such as APE and Europeana, 
  • Potential concerns and doubts that you may have in your current or prospective collaboration, 
  • The connections that you see between these international aggregators and national, regional, or topic- or material-based aggregators that you might be collaborating with.

We are therefore inviting any institution with archival holdings – whether you already provide content to APE and/or Europeana or not – to answer this short, 10-minute survey by Thursday, 1 April 2021, and to share your thoughts with us. 

The survey is available in five languages:

and your input will be highly appreciated. 

Please also share this survey widely!

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