Roundtable: Special Issue on “Archives and Popular Culture” in the Archives and Records Journal, free event, 10 March

10 March 2021, 4pm GMT, online

Roundtable: Special Issue on “Archives and Popular Culture” in the Archives and Records Journal (free)

The latest issue of Archives and Records, guest edited by Rüstem Ertuğ Altınay and Olivera Jokić, explores how the changing notions of the popular affect how we imagine and build archives, and the opportunities and challenges popular culture materials present for archivists, institutions, and researchers. The four essays by practitioners and scholars study the strategies and practices of archiving popular culture in the early twenty-first century and suggest some ways in which archival work can shape popular culture. The authors take up theoretical concerns in light of the practical questions about the creation and interpretation of the archives of popular culture, from the ephemerality of records and storage protocols to the material and symbolic value of collections and their significance in the development of new philosophies and practices of teaching with the archive.

At the roundtable, the authors and the editors will discuss their essays and their broader work in relation to archives and popular culture.

Don’t forget ARA members can access all Archives and Records journal articles for free by logging into the ARA website and clicking through to the Journal, so you can read up in advance (or after the event!):

Time: Wednesday, March 10, at 11am EST (16:00 London; 17:00 Central European Time)
Price: free

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

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