Multicultural Art Institutions at the Crossroads: a two-part panel discussion

4 March and 17 March 2021, online

With the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art (CFCCA, Manchester), the Transcultural Exchange and Networks research strand of the Centre for Creative Arts, Cultures and Engagement (CREATURE) at London Metropolitan University hosts “Multicultural Art Institutions at the Crossroads”, a free two part series of online panel discussion with art/cultural policymakers, art practitioners and professionals, and academic researchers, seeking to unpack the challenges and expectations faced by multicultural art organisations.

Multicultural Art Archives is one part of the set to articulate the role and challenges of institutional archive as an active agency for memory that expresses and sustains multicultural heritage through contemporary visual art.

Multicultural Art Institutions at the Crossroads is a project seeking to understand the ways in which cultural policy impact on the operation of creative labour, organisations and artistic production in the building of and sustaining multicultural heritage. How do multicultural art organisations express, build and maintain cultural heritage from their represented communities? Who are their stakeholders and what are the challenges in serving their, at times, conflicting motivations? What is the role of institutional archive in the build-up and extenuation of artistic expression of cultural heritage? Where do artists/creative labour situate in the developmental journey of these organisations against the backdrop of funding pressure, organisational survival, and the shifting political and socio-cultural landscape? A set of two part series of panel discussion is conducted to facilitate ideas and exchanges among practitioners, policymakers, academics, cultural mediators in search for a balance between social cohesion, and organisational and community growth through multicultural voices and
artistic activities. Through dialogues and discussion, complexity arising from multicultural organisations and decisions from cultural policy are unpacked to review policy engagement in organisational development, resilience and shaping multicultural heritage.

Register here for the first event, Institutional Art Archives (4 March 2021, at 12 GMT), at:  

This is followed by a second panel discussion: Pressing Challenges for Multicultural Art Organisations (17 March 2021, at 12 GMT), you can register here:

Image: Installation view Memory Collector 1—– The Unbearable Lightness of Text messages, (2006), Sophia Hao, Open Studio, 2006 Mar 2, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester. Photography by the Chinese Arts Centre. Courtesy of the CFCCA Archive & Library, (GB3451/OC/D/2101/10).

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