Published the list of 5,400 Valencians who were sentenced to the forced labor battalions during the Franco regime

The Historical Memory area of ​​the Valencia Provincial Council has brought to light the list of people in the province who went through the forced labor battalions of the Franco regime from the beginning of the Civil War until 1942, information that has been put to disposition of relatives, researchers and citizens.

The list has been extracted from the General Military Archive of Guadalajara and can be consulted in the databases that the Diputación shares on its website, at the link

The documentation on those affected in the province by this system of forced labor used during the Franco regime as political punishment is the result of the work of a specialized team hired by the Diputación under the direction of Marius Climent, as detailed by the provincial corporation in a statement.

The list includes the record of more than 5,400 Valencians who were part of these battalions, which in the early postwar period numbered 90,000 people.

Thus, the data obtained from among more than 3,000 boxes with personal files come from the archives of the Guadalajara Archive, specifically from that generated by the Inspection of Concentration Camps and its successor, the Headquarters of Concentration Camps and Disciplinary Battalions, which were in charge of the supervision of republican prisoners disaffected to the new regime.

Prisoners carried out various jobs throughout the Spanish geography in disparate areas such as the construction of roads and railways, mining, agriculture and fortifications, coinciding in all cases “unfortunate hygienic conditions, poor food and poor accommodation sleeping in barracks, abandoned houses and stables, “says the provincial head of Historical Memory.

Read more (in Spanish) here:

Picture via Delegació de Memòria Històrica de la Diputació de València.

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