E-ARK established a Relational Database Archiving Interest Group

Relational databases are widely used for collecting and managing data. Often, this data is of long-term value and has to be regularly archived. To date, the de facto standard for archiving relational databases is SIARD (Software Independent Archiving of Relational Databases): a format to simplify the archiving of relational databases that has been developed by the Swiss Federal Archives. In 2020 the DILCIS Board and eArchiving Building Block started the development of a Content Information Type Specification (CITS) for SIARD – a specification which provides guidelines on the packaging of SIARD content with further documentation and metadata.

To support the SIARD and CITS SIARD specifications, the DILCIS Board and eArchiving Building Block, are establishing an interest group on relational database archiving in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Archives. This will be a community where information about SIARD, CITS SIARD, database archiving tools, best practices, case studies, and related news can be shared.

Learn more about the group and register your interest at https://openpreservation.org/news/e-ark-establishes-a-relational-database-archiving-interest-group/.

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