Sheffield City Archives digitises 100,000 historical items to Picture Sheffield service

The re-opening of our content provider Sheffield City Archives has coincided with the completion of digitising nearly 100,000 historical photos, letters, postcards, posters and other documents to Picture Sheffield, the online resource that provides a vast collection of preserved original records and printed material relating to the city and the surrounding areas from the 12th century to now.

The service holds documents and records relating to ancestors that may have serviced in World War One, local Parish records from 1538, birth, marriage and death records, trade directories from 1774 to 1974, workhouse registers between 1838 to 1930, and census returns for 1841 to 1911 (they are not available until 100 years have passed).

There are also study guides on themes such as the General Strike, Suffragettes, and the Miners’ Strike of 1984 to 1985.

A small team of volunteers add more than 100 extra images every month. Anyone with photographs that they would like to have added can get in touch with the team.

Read more at the Yorkshire Post:

You can find materials from the Sheffield City Archives at Archives Portal Europe here:

Pictured: Peter Evans, Archives and Heritage Manager, for Sheffield City Archives, looking at some of the artefacts.

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