PHAROS has published a paper on the outcomes of the International Copyright Workshop

The PHAROS Intellectual Property Group has published a paper with the outcomes of the International Copyright Workshop: Providing Online Access to Art Historical Research Photography Collections that took place in October 2020.

PHAROS, an international consortium of photo archive repositories, is a collaborative project
among fourteen photo archives in North America and Europe established to create a freely
available common digital platform for research on images of works of art in all media, both
Western and non-Western, through comprehensive consolidated access to their collections.

The goals and proposed outcomes of the International Copyright Workshop were as follows:
● To develop an understanding of the cross-border intellectual property and copyright issues faced by PHAROS in the creation of an open access research platform (taking into consideration similar initiatives, copyright legislation and other political developments in PHAROS member countries)
● To agree the definition and principles of ‘open access’ in the context of the PHAROS
● To develop an IP framework for the PHAROS consortium and the Pilot Project
● To make recommendations concerning tools and licenses the common PHAROS
Platform should employ to communicate the rights status of digital objects
● To compile an agreement and statement concerning the consortium’s position on
open access, copyright and intellectual property, for institutional endorsement
● To begin to compile associated intellectual property policies and procedures for the
pilot platform, which may include user terms and conditions, take down, and GDPR
(General Data Protection Regulation) compliance
● To publish a report on the workshop, including a summary of key recommendations
and next steps identified as a result of the proceedings.

You can read the whole paper here:

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