A virtual exploration of the Benetton archives

12.000 garments, 30.000 documents boxes, more than 180.000 multimedia materials. Born in 2009 in the Benetton Studios nearby Treviso, Italy, the Benetton Archive is a workshop of ideas and creativity, where the company’s creatives go and look for inspiration for their new collections.

This year the archive is (virtually) opening its doors to the public with an online guided tour that will allow them to relive more than 50 years of Benetton history. An archivist will guide the Zoom visitors in the discovery of the archive showing them pictures, catalogues, posters, magazines and objects (like tinting and weaving machines).

The virtual tour is a unique chance to know better this Italian company that has been great at connecting quality, beauty, innovation and social impact.

You can register using this link: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-una-visita-virtuale-allarchivio-benetton-126421982553

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