Cracking digital archival research and metadata: Archives Portal Europe at DARIAH 2020

18th November 2020, 2pm CET, online

Archives Portal Europe will participate to the virtual DARIAH 2020 conference with a roundtable on the 18th November at 2pm CET, which will take place online.

We will present the portal’s re-design and the research features it will allow, and the metadata policies and politics of APE . Mr Johan Van Der Eycken will present the work of DARIAH’s Working Group on Sustainable Standards; Prof Frank Fischer and Laure Barbot will present DARIAH-EU involvement in the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) project. Dr. Klaus Illmayer will make the connections to the Parthenos project.

Following these presentations, speakers and attendees will be invited to reflect together on the role of metadata and cloud computing in digital archival research, and how archivists and researchers can collaborate to make digital archives as open as possible by improving searchability and retrievability. The full abstract is available here.

In order to attend, please register to the DARIAH conference at this link, and select “Cracking digital archival research and metadata” as an option. For any queries, please contact

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