#BakingFriday: Zur Psychologie des Futurismus

Today we propose a recipe from the Futurist movement, to be associated with the reading of Zur Psychologie des Futurismus, the psychology of Futurism, a 1915 manuscript held at the Archiv und Sammlung Hermann Rorschach (Bern), those transcription is avalable on Archives Portal Europe here.

Reasons why the recipe is accompanied by a psychology manual should be self-evident upon reading:

Carneplastico – synthetic interpretation of vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, and grazing (by painter Fillìa)

Prepare a large, cylindrical meatball of calf mince meet with 11 different types of boiled vegetables (editor’s note: celery, carrots, spinach and 8 of their closest relatives should do) (A in the drawing)

The meatball should be placed vertically on the plate (A), crowned by thick layer or honey (C), and sitting on a sausage ring (B) which is supported by three chicken medallions

From Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Fillìa, “La cucina futurista”. Available at Wikisources

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