New researchers online sessions (July-August 2020)

Some New Researchers who had been due to present their work at the 2020 Economic History Society Annual Conference will soon be discussing their research in a series of online sessions.

A number of New Researchers have also agreed to share some of their research in the form of blog posts and videos, which will be made available prior to each online session. All available materials will be linked on the website.

Please note that these online sessions are not a replacement for the EHS Annual Conference, and new researchers are made up of postgraduates and early career researchers.

Sessions will be held every Wednesday, between 15th July and 19th August.

These sessions will last no longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes, with time for questions and discussion at the end. Presenters are appearing from across the world, and times have been chosen to best accommodate this.

Attendance is encouraged from anyone interested in economic and social history. All sessions are available for members and non-members of the EHS.

More information on the sessions and how to attend here:

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