#Borders – the Treaty of Trianon

The Romanian translation of the 1920 Treaty of Trianon (Trianoni békeszerződés in Hungarian, Traité de Trianon in French) which formally ended World War I for most of the Entente. It was prepared during the Paris Peace Conference, and it was based on the doctrine of “self-determination of peoples” in order to give non-Hungarian their own national state after the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Amongst others, the treaty set the new borders between Romaia and Hungary, which was forced to cede Transylvania in application of the self-determination doctrince. In Romania the treaty is referred to as the birth certificate of the Romanian State.

(18)ANR, fond Ministerul Finantelor, Datoria Publica, ds. 21_1920
The National Archives of Romania, The National Historical Central Archives Service, Ministerul Finanțelor- Datoria publică, ds. 21/1920.




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