Jisc new guide: purchasing digital archives; guidelines for librarians when negotiating with publishers

Do you need to negotiate licences for digital archives? Then please take a look at Jisc’s new guide for negotiating favourable terms with publishers.

The guide is set out in the form of negotiating principles focused on the charges which these collections may attract. They also address issues around continuity of access and text and data mining access.

The guide was partially conceived in response to Annual Hosting Fees: Enough is Enough! an earlier email discussion on this subject which took place on the lis-e-resources JiscMail list.  Over time there have been various discussions on this subject, to which they responded with a survey on platform charging in 2019.

See this blog post for more information on the guide and the survey outcomes: https://digitisation.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2020/06/15/our-new-guide-purchasing-digital-archives-guidelines-for-librarians-when-negotiating-with-publishers/

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