Joint statement of intent for the heritage sector

The Archives and Records Association joined their colleagues in membership bodies across UK museums, galleries, heritage and archives in calling for an end to racism in the heritage sector.

Karl Magee, Chair of the ARA, says: “This work cuts across all aspects of the record-keeping sector from the archives we collect, curate and preserve; the people who make up our workforce; to the evidence, accountability, research and engagement our collections provide. As signatories of this Joint statement of intent for the heritage sector the Archives and Records Association is committed to actively addressing the challenges set for our sector. We will build upon and expand our work in addressing issues of diversity and inclusion in the record-keeping sector and urge our members to support our efforts. We also call on our colleagues in the wider record-keeping sector to support todays statement of intent and work with us to create permanent and positive change across archives, records management and conservation.”

The statement is co-signed by GEM, Association of Independent Museums, International Council of Museums UK, Museums Association, The Heritage Alliance, Engage and ARA.

You can find the whole statement of intent on the ARA website:

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