#Borders: the lost province of Petsamo in Finland

#Borders this week goes to Petsamo, a Finnish province that only existed between 1921 and 1922.

The area was ceded by the Soviet Union to Finland in 1921, and the following year the province was merged with the of Oulu. In 1939 the area was occupied by the Soviet army, which left already in 1940 as part of the peace agreement; however, in 1944 Finland returned it again to Russia. The Kansallisarkisto holds a map from the early 20th century – as you can see a very fragmented area not only in its political geography but in its physical one: http://www.archivesportaleurope.net/ead-display/-/ead/pl/aicode/FI-1/type/fa/id/VAKKA-276241.KA/dbid/C375613621/search/0/Petsamo

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