Towards a network of ARM PhD students in the UK and Ireland

An informal meet-up aiming to bring together current ARM PhD students to discuss the development of a future cross-institutional network for those undertaking research based in the UK and Ireland will happen online on July 6 at 2 pm BST.

The idea for the Network is to share research and foster collegiality for the benefit of what are usually small cohorts of doctoral candidates in this field. What this network may look like in both the current situation and when we begin to move back towards normality is very much open for discussion and would greatly benefit from us uniting as a physically disparate community to shape it together, to ensure that it meets the needs of and supports as wide a range of PhD students as possible. With a virtual AERI enabling more people to participate than would otherwise have been possible, this provides a good opportunity to take the first steps toward setting up a more formal network with the aim of developing a stronger and better-connected archives PhD student community in the UK and Ireland.

This session will provide the opportunity to network with fellow PhD students, hear about the research of others, as well as share your own, and contribute to the shaping of a much-needed Network of ARM PhD Students in the UK and Ireland.

More information here:

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