Entries to the 2020 Harley Prize open until 31 July

The British Records Association is pleased to announce that entry to the 2020 Harley Prize is now open.

The prize, awarded in memory of Janette Harley (1951-2015), is intended to generate interest in archives, and raise awareness of research and achievements in the world of archives. Applications should be received not later than 31 July 2020. The winning entry will be announced following BRA’s Annual General Meeting and Maurice Bond Memorial Lecture, to be held 24 November 2020.

An annual prize of £350 will be awarded to individuals or organisations for the best/most original piece of work published in a monograph, journal or magazine, or otherwise made publicly available (such as in a blog), which has promoted “the preservation, understanding, accessibility or study of archives”, the aims of the BRA.
Applications are welcomed from individuals, on their own behalf or on behalf of others, and from representatives of organisations. The prize will be available to anyone, including archivists, local historians, academics, genealogists and conservators.
Applicants must submit for consideration a specific piece of work which has been published or is available in the public domain (such as in a blog), during the past three years (i.e. from 2017 onwards).

Read more on how to apply:


Pictured: Prof. Sarah Pedersen’s work on the archives of Caroline Phillips, Aberdeen journalist and suffragette, submitted to the Prize in 2019 (image via Sarah Pedersen on Twitter).

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