#Borders – Annexation of Eupen-Malmédy to Belgium

L’Eupen-Malmédy is another contended region of Europe – under Prussian governance until the end of World War I, it was annexed to Belgium during the Paris Peace conference, a choice ratified by a controversial referendum in 1920. It was again annexed to Germany during World War II, and returned to Belgium in 1945. Today it is the largest German-speaking area of Belgium.

These documents come from the Museum of Contemporary Worlds in Nanterre, but you can find everything on Eupen-Malmédy at the State Archives of Liège in Belgium

Conférence de la paix – Annexion de la région d’Eupen-Malmédy à la Belgique : coupures de presse. Papillon. Tracts belges. La manifestation Baltia à Malmédy (dans L’Etoile belge). Tract sur Malmédy.


Press cuts on the annexation, 1920ca

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