BAC Cataloguing Grant for business archives relating to Sports (deadline 3 July)

The Business Archives Council (BAC) has announced that alongside the 2020 general cataloguing grant for business collections, the cataloguing grant specifically for UK Business Archives related to Sports will run for a second year. As before, each grant is for £4000.

The aims of both the main grant and the sports grant, in funding the cataloguing of a business collection in either the private or public sector, are to:

  • Provide financial support for institutions/ businesses that manage business archives
  • Reach collections that have not yet been prioritised but have potential academic or socio-historical value
  • Create opportunities for archivists or para-professionals/ volunteers to gain experience in listing business collections
  • Increase accessibility to business archives.

The deadline for applications for the Cataloguing Grant for Business Archives related to Sports (2020) is 3 July 2020.

Image: British Isles versus Wellington at Athletic Park (1966), from the Archives New Zealand, via Wikimedia Commons

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