Resources for UK archivists about racism

An archivist colleague and PhD researcher from the UK, Lucy Brownson from the University of Sheffield, compiled a Google doc of resources for UK archivists and record-keepers who want to understand and learn more about racism & white supremacy, and to begin engaging with anti-racist work. It includes suggested actions to actively challenge and disrupt racism, links to archives, heritage organisations & educational initiatives with a focus on Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC), anti-racism tools for archives, and other resources. Access it here:

Here are a few very interesting documents related to racism on Archives Portal Europe, which will hopefully be useful in research and debates:



University of Brighton Design Archives, UK. Racism in your church? A role of the Church is to raise the issues / 1966 Illinois Conference / United Church of Christ. Available at this link


International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands. We Accuse The Mayor, Police And Others Of Racism / The Black Panthers in Israel / The Israeli Left Archives. Available at this link

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 15.38.23

International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands. Greece: ‘Discussion about racism, minorities and Roma’, 1998 ca.  Available at this link


Newcastle University Special Collections and Archives, UK. Letters and proofs relating to the published poetry works of Adrian Mitchell, 1991-2012. Available at this link

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