#Isolationbaking: chocolate cake from the Spanish nobility

Today #IsolationBaking proposes a chocolate cake designed to celebrate the conferring of a nobility title: El documento que nos ocupa pertenece al condado de Almodovar, título nobiliario otorgado por el rey Carlos IV en 1791 a favor de Rafael Ortiz de Almodovar Pascual de Ibarra (1750-1810). You can find more information on


Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 13.54.22

The original Spanish recipe (and a video on how to make it!) can be found on the Archivio Historico de la Nobleza – here is our English translation:

Recipe for making butter cakes for the chocolate.

Weigh the lard butter and trim each pound of butter with white flour and make a dough. Beat it very well in a pot and when it is perfectly beaten turn it on like it’s hot enough to bake bread. Then you will have a large thin layer of this dough, and place another layer on it, and so on until the final cake is done; add a little sprinkle on salt on top. Wet your hands, take a piece of the big cake, roll it into a ball, put it in between two sheets of white paper smeared with butter, make little cakes two fingers thick, pour sesame seeds over them. Cook them in the oven.

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