Webinar on Ric-O Converter by AAF (25 June)

Coming up: webinar dedicated to software discovery RiC-O Converter, organised by Association des Archivistes Francaises together with National Archives and the International Council on Archives. It will take place online on 25 June at 3pm.

The National Archives published in April 2020, with the company Sparna, the source code and the first version of the RiC-O free software Converter (see https://github.com/ArchivesNationalesFR/rico-converter).
They use this software to convert all of their finding aids in XML / EAD and their authority records in XML / EAC-CPF, in RDF data conforming to the CIA RiC-O ontology
(the technical transposition, in the OWL language used for the data web, conceptual model Records in Contexts-Conceptual Model; see: https://ica-egad.github.io/RiC-O/).

It is easy to install, fast and reliable, and comes with a precise documentation in English. A presentation was made January 28 at the National Archives during a study day entitled “Archival metadata in transition: the new normative framework, the challenges and the
first achievements” (see https://f.hypotheses.org/wp-content/blogs.dir/2167/files/2020/02/20200128_4_RiCOConverter.pdf)

The webinar is for metadata managers archivists (archivists, researchers, engineers) willing to use RiC-O Converter to produce data Quality RDF, or simply to discover
specifically RDF datasets conforming to Records in Contexts (RiC).

This webinar, which will leave a large part to the exchanges, will allow all to get to know the software better. A full demonstration of use of the software will be made: installation, configuration and the possibilities of adaptation. The results (the files RDF) obtained during the demonstration will also be presented, as well as an overview of what we can do with it and the challenges of such operations.

Working language will be French.

It will be moderated in French by Florence Clavaud, General Curator of Heritage, Head of Referential Mission to the Funds Department National Archives, and Pauline Charbonnier, research engineer, his assistant. It is organized by the AAF, as part of its webinar cycle launched during the confinement.

To be able to follow it fruitfully, it is necessary to know at least XML and EAD 2002 format, and if possible EAC-CPF format.

Register and read all the info on the AAF website:


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