Webinar on Records management as data science (22 June)

Bookings are now open for the next IRMS Midlands webinar on the 22 June at 1pm BST.

The webinar is about Records management as data science and will be held by James Lappin.

This talk argues that records management is in transition from being a policy function to becoming a data science.  It explores the ways that the growth of analytics and machine learning will change the way that organisations approach records management challenges;  and offers some ideas as to how we might redefine records management as a data science problem.

The talk takes the problem of email as an example, and explores what the problem looks like when we take a data science  approach to it. It asks how can we best  transition to the use of data science methods to email in ways that navigate a path between the twin dangers of inactivity and over-ambition.   It asks whether or not data-science could offer a ‘third way’ on email, that takes the best aspects of both the ‘move-important-emails-to-a-separate-records-system’  option and the Capstone ‘preserve-important-email-accounts’ option.

This event is open to both members and non-members of the IRMS.  You can book a place at: https://irms.org.uk/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1388925&group=

For further information please contact midlands@irms.org.uk.

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