#Isolationbaking: olla de colegiales, from Spain

Even if you cannot travel around, with #IsolationBaking we keep travelling with flavours from all over the world! The Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte in Spain has made a selection of Spanish historical recipes from the Spanish National Archives, available here: https://www.culturaydeporte.gob.es/dam/jcr:a71d39a1-bdb7-4967-a08e-8e8f841bcbed/recetario.pdf

You can surely find more if you dig in the archives, those finding aids are available on #archivesportaleurope at this link: https://www.archivesportaleurope.net/directory/-/dir/content/ES-28079-AHN9/fa

Here we chose the oldest recipe available: the OLLA DE COLEGIALES from 1551.

mutton meat

Mix the ingredients to make the stew.

Ingredients taken from the expenditures book of lunches and dinners served by the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso de la Universidad de Alcalá to the schoolboys, chaplains, shareholders and family members residing in it during the year 1551.

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