Maps to the past and back to the future by East Riding Archives

Last year East Riding Archives gave you an app to turn back time. This year they added another dimension to your virtual time-travel experience: the “What was here?” app.

Until now, the ‘What Was Here?’ app has let you see through to the past of your surroundings from where you’re standing, but now you can also see that past from a bird’s-eye perspective…with historic maps!

what was here 2

In times like these, when social distancing is vital for us all, the ‘What Was Here?’ app puts the heritage tourism experience onto our personal devices, removing the necessity for interaction with others, and so giving users a way of exploring an area responsibly through social distancing, (provided of course, that they respect Government guidelines at all times).

The app is available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Read more on its development in this piece by Samuel Bartle:

Image via East Riding Archives.

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