Dariah Annual Report 2019 is now available

The Dariah Annual Report is now available on their website.

In the foreword, the Presidents Jennifer Edmond and Jacques Dubucs reflect on how Dariah has made a difference for researchers in Europe in 2019.
“The year was, as ever, full of events, small and large, local and national. Of particular note were of course our largest ever Annual Event, held in the beautiful city of Warsaw, and the final DARIAH beyond Europe event in Canberra, but these were just two of the many opportunities we have been able to facilitate to share knowledge and advance research for individuals and institutions. We will also look back on 2019 as a watershed year for our commitment to Open Science, as our many projects, collaborations and services began to take a more coherent and coordinated shape.
It is already clear at the time of writing this foreword that 2020 will bring us unprecedented challenges: next year’s Annual Report will surely look very different from this one, just as the world seems to have changed utterly in a few short weeks. But we have enormous faith in the DARIAH structure, ethos, team and community that we, as an organisation, will use this moment to find opportunities to dig in and deepen our support for research and researchers, now and into the future.”

You can read the report here: https://www.dariah.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/DARIAH-EU-2019-Annual-Report.pdf

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