The Open Preservation Foundation announces the release of veraPDF 1.16

The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce that veraPDF 1.16 has been released following community testing.

veraPDF is an open source, industry supported PDF/A validator, covering all parts of the PDF/A standards. It is a widely-used digital preservation tool. The latest version is available to download here.

What’s new?
This release includes new features and fixes including:

  • Added support for Function objects in PDF
  • Added detection and validation of the XMP encoding
  • Extended veraPDF model to include structure tree
  • More robust PDF parsing in case of critical low-level syntax errors
  • Optimized memory usage for more efficient batch processing with a large number of validation errors
  • GUI application improvements

Future development: OPF is now working towards PDF/UA validation, with added support for tagging structure of PDF.

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