Europeana webinar: “Culture from home – Libraries”

Tomorrow (12 May, at 10 CEST) the “Culture From Home – Libraries” webinar will highlight some of the ways libraries are turning online to engage with audiences while the institutions themselves are closed.

Europeana invited Marion Ansel (International Projects Manager, BNF) and Louisa Torres (Medieval Manuscripts Curator, BNF) to talk about “Staying home with Gallica” – on how Gallica BnF’s digital strategy for engaging with audiences has evolved in recent weeks to adapt to the changing circumstances. Sofija Klarin Zadravec, PhD, advisor, Croatian Institute of Librarianship, National and University Library in Zagreb, will give an overview of activities at the National and University Library as it faces the effects of both coronavirus and the recent Zagreb earthquake. Following the formal webinar (which will be recorded and made available online), there will be a ‘tana libera tutti’ – an extension to the session in which participants can remain on the call and continue the discussions together. This is exclusive to participants on the day – it will not be recorded.

There will be another webinar called “Culture From Home – Archives” on 26 May.

You can sign up for the webinar here:

Image via Europeana.

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