Webinar: Preservation in real time

In this day and age learning from the wider archival community is more important than ever. There is a critical need and opportunity to capture COVID-19 pandemic materials and in the past weeks, Preservica launched the #ourcovid19story initiative as one way to assist archivists in sharing what materials are being captured and preserved and why this is important to their institution and the communities they serve.

Join this webinar and hear guest panelists from a range of sectors openly discuss their plans and projects, including the drivers for preserving in near real-time such as mandates to preserve public records, governance policies, internal & external communications, websites, oral histories, and ephemeral materials of historic interest. Panelists will go on to share best practice for collection methods, community engagement, and creating stakeholder value – with the opportunity for audience participation and engagement.

Find out more about the panelists and register today: https://preservica.com/events/webinars/13/05/2020/preservation-in-real-time-delivering-value-to-your-institution-and-community-during-a-global-pandemic

Image via Preservica.

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