#Isolationbaking – Piragi

The Latvian National Archives are happy to improve the well-being of Archives Portal Europe‘s users during the lockdown by sharing the recipe of one of the most traditional dishes of Latvian cuisine: the Piragi, also known as bacon dumplings, or meat pies. The Latvian Embassy in Washington hosts this English version of the recipe:


All bibliographical references to this document are available here: http://www.archivesportaleurope.net/lv/ead-display/-/ead/pl/aicode/LV-LNA/type/fa/id/LV-LNA-VA-F293/search/0/Latvijas+s%C5%ABtniec%C4%ABba+Va%C5%A1ington%C4%81

Izbaudi maltīti!!!

#bakingfriday #isolationbaking

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