#isolationbaking: Opskriftsbog 1870, a 19th Century Danish cookbook

#Isolationbaking today offers you a traditional recipe for cookies from Southern Jutland, in Denmark. The Rigsarkivet hold a traditional cookbook from the 1870


Southern Jutland Cookies

375 g flour
187.5 g of sugar
187.5 g butter
3 eggs
1 tsp. cardamom
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
2 pcs lemons


1) Mix the melted butter with the sugar.

2) Add the eggs, vanilla sugar, and cardamom to the mix while stirring

3) Add the flour little by little, while stirring

4) Bake the biscuits separately on each side in an old-fashioned baking iron (like the one in the picture), until they have a nice light brown color. Cool and serve!



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