Fumetti nei musei: free comic books for the #ioleaggoacasa campaign

Fumetti nei musei (Comics at the Museum) supports the campaign #ioleggoacasa (#Ireadathome).

The project Fumetti nei Musei, created by MIBACT (the Italian Ministry of Culture), in collaboration with Coconino Press – Fandango and the authors, puts online for free every week some of the 51 comic books portraying Italian museums and archeological parks, illustrated by the best Italian authors.

The main goal of the project is to get kids closer to our heritage hosted inside museums using different languages, closer to their sensibility. These books are now available online for schools and teachers to use them in their classes.

More information here (in Italian): https://www.beniculturali.it/mibac/export/MiBAC/sito-MiBAC/Contenuti/MibacUnif/Comunicati/visualizza_asset.html_950904866.html

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