ANF presents RiC-O Converter v1.0.0

The Archives Nationales de France (ANF) and a small French private company (Sparna) have developed a free software, RiC-O Converter, for converting into RDF datasets conforming to Records in Contexts-Ontology v0.1 the whole of the ANF EAD 2002 findings aids and EAC-CPF authority records. This tool is easy to install and use, fast and efficient.

RiC-O Converter v1.0.0., its source code and documentation, under a Cecill-B license (which is equivalent to the MIT license), has been released on GitHub: see

The v 1.0.0 release can be downloaded from here:

You can also access some slides (in French) on RiC-O Converter (presented on January 28, 2020), here:

The latest issue of ICA Flash (dated April 2020, Flash n° 39) includes an article on RiC-O Converter (see

RiC-O Converter was developed with and for the ANF and does not aim to be a generic tool, at least for now. It therefore has some limits. However, it may be a good starting point for any project that would need to get good quality RDF/RiC-O datasets from
existing EAD or EAC-CPF files.

It is documented very precisely in English (in particular, see the EAD to RiC-O and EAC-CPF to RiC-O mappings, and the unit tests) to facilitate these adaptations. A good XSLT developer, knowing the  formats of the source metadata, and having taken a little time to  understand the essentials of RiC-O, can easily adapt RiC-O Converter.
Finally, the ANF will continue to develop it, and they hope that a larger community will be formed to continue the  developments.

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