International Workers’ Day – memories of the pandemic

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 13.32.49
The Netherlands, Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, J. Keir Hardie : An Eight-Hour Day (Scottish Labour Party Leaflets Nr. 1). Available on Archives Portal Europe:

The 2020 International Workers’ Day is a very peculiar one that will not be celebrated on the streets, but at home – hopefully live-streaming the many events that are taking place around the world reflect on the many issues around the right to work and the right of dignity at work. As the Covid-19 global epidemic is having an enormous impact on workers across the globe, and will have a strong impact in the foreseeable future, way beyond the current epidemics, archivists need to be first in line to record and preserve the memories of these changes.


télétravailFor this reason, Archives Portal Europe is happy to adhere to the campaign on memories of the pandemics launched by several partners and Content Providers – in particular, the Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail (National Labour Archives) in France are collecting the memories of working (or not working) under the lockdown, with the collective project #memoiredeconfinement – how is your First of May under lockdown?

You can send your documents (photographs, audio-visual, writings) to – more information here

Check if your country has a collection point for your memories of the lockdown here; alternatively, if you wish to share documents from your lockdown, you can send them to and specify if you are happy for us to publish them and to quote your name. You can also publish them yourself with the hashtags #memoiredeconfinement and #pandemicsmemoir

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 13.33.06
Switzerland, Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv. Festa del lavoro a Bern 1956. Available on Archives Portal Europe:


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